What Drug is Sitting in Your Chair?            Home

Dental   |   2 Hour total Lecture


Course Summary:

In this era of unprecedented opiate addiction and abundant designer drugs, do you know if your patient is under the influence or struggling with addiction? How does the disease of addiction affect your treatment decisions? This dynamic, interactive course will explore how chemical dependency affects patient care in the dental setting. Providers will learn to establish office-level policies and protocols to manage the unique challenges these patients present.  


  • Develop awareness of the scope of the current opioid epidemic 

  • Learn strategies for identification and management of dental patients suffering from addiction 

  • Discuss the growth of designer drugs and their impact on dental care 

  • Identify the need to establish office policies and procedures to safely treat addicted patients 

  • Discuss resources available for patients and providers 

  • Learn how the public health system is confronting this epidemic and how dental providers can help 

Heroin! What’s your epidemic?            Home

Nursing and EMS   |   2 Hour total Lecture


Course Summary:

Today it is increasing difficult to treat our drug abusing patients for many different factors. This session is designed to give you the tools needed to spot these drug users from afar, make an educated guess of the drug they are using and expose you to the newest types of drugs plaguing the US. I will be using interactive videos from current event interactions with patients under the influence of substances such as Flakka, Molly, Krokodil, Butane Hash Oil, Heroin, DMT and more! Not only coverage of the newest drugs on the street but we will be covering the legal prescribed drug user, why they can be difficult to treat during even routine care. 


  • To gain an overview of the new drugs killing people and affecting patient care in America.

  • Obtain stats from across the US on the damage these drugs are causing.

  • Gain an understanding of Legal drug abusers and why they can be difficult to treat.

  • Create a system to keep yourself and others safe when dealing with people that are under the influence of these new potent drugs.

  • Obtain ideas and new thoughts on how to be prepared in your healthcare work place.

Terrorist Activities and Mass Casualties will you be prepared?            Home

2 Hour total Lecture


Course Summary:

For years in the healthcare world we have been taught the same basic prep courses or done the same fire drill a million times in preparation that a disaster strikes. Retention is low and our preparation for disaster is lax. Using interactive videos, clips of current events and simulation based examples you will be sure to take some thoughts with you in your day to day practice. I will cover topics not typically discussed and leave you some out of the box techniques that could one day save your life. This session is centered on the terrorist activity and mass causality situations we as healthcare providers are experiencing in the United States every day. We will be taking a dive into lessons learned from other healthcare centers and providers that have had to deal with the aftermath of one of these events. We will talk about if we need to be worried for an attack or a mass causality and if healthcare facilities are a really a target. I will review resources and facts of not just why we need to be prepared and how do we get prepared for events like this. 


  • To gain an overview on healthcare based terrorist activity and types of mass casualties we should be preparing for.

  • Learn a basic understanding of a terrorist and terrorist type motives for action.

  • The ability to find resources to help in preparation and be a survivor the event of a mass causality or a terrorist strike.

  • To review some lessons learned from mass casualties and terrorist activities in recent events across the US.

  • Learn the types of healthcare based mass casualty and terrorist preparation being conducted and what is out there for us.

  • How to make a plan in the event something does happen and who needs to be involved?

Infrequent Fliers: Staying Ready for Anything            Home

2 Hour total Lecture


Course Summary:

Is your EMS Service ready for anything? With Mr. Baum’s unique experience of managing a high fidelity

simulation lab for The Cleveland Clinic, he will help all EMS providers, managers and owners discover

ways to prepare for the worst case scenario. Through identification of weaknesses in your service or

areas that may only need a little tweaking, Mr. Baum will provide you with the tools needed for Staying

Ready for Anything.

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